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13 – 21 july 2020 | In the Natural Parc of the Haut Languedoc, France


Having noticed that few opportunities exist for parents to participate to retreats with their children, we wanted to offer that possibility. We want to give you time and space to be both alone and with your children in the middle of nature.
Mornings will be silent, with formal meditation practice, guided or not. After lunch, long free spaces are planned, to be alone, with your children or with the others. Later in the afternoon, there will be sharing in group, activities with all the children and parents, singing… Denis will offer guided meditations, sharing groups and discussions on the Dharma.
A “La Source”, the Dojo will be reserved for formal practice in silence and for group sharings. Children will have activities in nature or in our big yurt, with an experimented person and some parents.


As for every retreat that we organise, the price is two fold: the cost covers only the expenses directly related to that retreat. A donation given in addition at the end will cover the work of organisers and teachers.
We are giving you the opportunity to choose the amount for your participation to the cost, according to your means:
Normal price: 300€/adult, 150€/child
Discount price: 250€/adult,125€/child
Supportive price: 350€/adult, 175€/child

The cost price allows us to break even with expenses. We totally depend on your donations for the rewarding of our work. We offer our retreats in this way to avoid a restrictive fix price, that would exclude those of us with less means. Your support is necessary to allow us keeping on with this system of openness based on the spirit of generosity.
 If you don’t have the means to partake in the donation, come anyway. That’s why we work on donation, and it is your presence which counts for us. Discover the philosophy of the donation.FAMILLE


Send an email to Kiet and Sandra :


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“C’était un temps très précieux pour nous, avec vous tous, avec la nature, la méditation et le silence. “La source est une deuxième “home” pour nous, un endroit plein d’amour, d’honnêteté , et un invitation à juste être.”
Jaroun, Mali, Max et Kathi, d’Allemagne

“It was a really precious time for us, spent with all of you in nature, in meditation and in silence. La Source is a second “home” for us, a place full of love, of honesty, and an invitation to simply be.”
Jaroun, Mali, Max et Kathi, d’Allemagne

“We are so happy to have participated in this retreat at “La Source”. It represented, for us and our children, a real source of energy, inspiration, depth and kindness. The nourishment it gave us will last for a long time.”
Kian, Luca, Anna et Marius, d’Allemagne

“A step, a stone, a path that trails along, the spark of a root…La Source is an enchanting place which makes one want to sing. At the edge of the woods, a peach is ripening, a hammock is waiting for you, a pebble with a heart shape has been placed just there by a kindly hand, and a gentle and powerful gong is calling us to meditation, to play, to savour all the flavours of nature and of the inner life… Thank you.”
Uma et Béatrice, de Toulouse

“This retreat at La Source has been wonderful, a time to relish a much the inner space as the wild beauty of the nature surrounding us.”
Tobias, Patricia, Maya et Luana, d’Allemagne



*As for “Nourrir son Corps et son Esprit”, the “Family and Friends Retreat”, and  the Sangha Holiday:

These retreats, as well as those that come after, will only be canceled if the situation requires it at that time. And so we offer you two options:

1) You can register as if we were living in normal times, and you will be refunded the full amount of your deposit if we have to cancel. This option is good for us because it lets us know where we stand in terms of planning and organization …

2) If you wish to come, but too much uncertainty hangs over your financial future or your availability, you can register on the waiting list, without paying the deposit, and we will keep your place in the order of receipt of emails.