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Date to be fixed together | Vieussan, South of France

With Family  or with friends, is a treat, a present to oneself! Taking the time, at our own pace, to explore the ways that supports our well-being.
We get the luxury of silent days slowly passing by, where we take walks, reads supportive books, meditate, take naps, swim in the river…
Far from pressure, and with that genuine intention and so little outer input, our minds get the chance to truly rest. We become sensitive again, intimate with ourselves, in touch with the beauty of life and of nature.
Dharma Nature offers two options for self-retreats: in a comfortable house or in the wilderness of camping.
In both cases, it is possible to have daily discussions with Denis to support your practice.


Located in the south of France, on the edge of a tiny village (around 25 people living there), far from roads, surrounded by mountains, and with a beautiful river. It is truly magic!
The house is cozy and well equipped. Feel free to ask for more

details and pictures!


The cost to rent the House is 55 € per day, or 350 € for a week. A longer stay will be cheaper. Added 15 € per person for food (For 4 p.). The gite is equipped for 7, it is comfortable for 3 or 4 personns who want to make a retreat together.


During your retreat, you will be provided everything you need to cook your food. We will see together what your preferences are (vegetarian or not, vegan, etc.). We are attentive to the origin of our products and we favor the local cultures.


The minimum stay is 3 days, and the house is not available for self retreats in July and August.


Contact our friends The “Empreinte du Tao”.


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“A few of my closest friends and I were blessed to be able to privately receive Denis’s teachings during our 5 day silent/nature retreat in the South of France last April. The depth, impact and beauty of his teachings will last us a lifetime. Denis is grounded, incredibly kind and a true master. He made us feel safe and most importantly, installed within us a curiosity and openness to practice, practice, practice and share. What a joyful memory. What a joyful experience. And what a profound and beautiful soul. Thank you Denis. We cannot wait to visit Dharma Nature again in the future!” Iva