Shifting our views: a way towards freedom


Days retreats 7 am/7 pm (UTC+0) : On Saturdays 9/01, 6/02, 6/03
Evening meetings 7.00pm/9.30pm (UTC+0) : 27/01 , 22/02, 22/03

It is easy to notice how our conceptions influence our perceptions. We can all see from our own experience how a misinterpreted situation can generate unwarranted emotions, and inappropriate reactions.

But to what extent do our concepts construct our reality? And to what extent can we free ourselves from toxic representations and replace them with ways of seeing that nourish joy, simplicity, humanity, engagement, inner security, …

Amongst the many ways of seeing proposed in Buddhist philosophy, there are three main ones which are at the heart of the teaching of the Buddha: anicca, dukkha, anatta – impermanence, dissatisfaction, and not-self… These concepts are essential because if they are properly understood and put into practice, they can radically transform our experience. (The term dukkha is sometimes translated as “suffering”, which, I grant you, is not very attractive. But you will see that when this concept is understood correctly, it is extremely liberating !).

Each month we will familiarize ourselves with one of these approaches. By drawing on teachings from ancient traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, but also on recent developments in the domains of neuroscience and quantum physics, we will try to understand how to see reality from another angle, that is much more open and liberating. And, following again from the advice of the Buddha, we will put into practice this new understanding both in our meditations and in our daily lives, learning to see our experience in the light of it. And, as always with Dharma Nature, there will be no need to accept any belief system in order to understand and practice this way.


Conditions for registration

For this experiment to be fruitful, it is important that you already have some experience with meditation, and also that you feel ready to engage in 3 month of regular practice (supported by recorded talks and guided meditations).



Days retreats 7am/7pm (London time UTC+0) :

On Saturdays:  09/01, 06/02, 06/03

Evening meetings  7.00pm/9.30pm (London time UTC+O)  :

Les 27/01, 22/02, 22/03


80€ for the registration to the 3 month (non refundable), plus a donation for the teachings.

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